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The Gaia Lineage

1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

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Makenzie offers soul mentoring using the wisdom of the four elements and intentional channeled questions that support you in speaking, leading and BEing from your full Truth, free from societal conditioning and matrix programming.

Makenzie is passionate about supporting individuals shine their own unique soul's light on this planet, and thriving as a human in every area of life while doing so.

Each 75-90 minute session is unique and will be crafted for your individual intentions. Some example focus topics include (but limited to) Sacred Purpose, Soul-led Business, Love & Union, Human Vitality & Health, Shadow Work, Divine Inheritance (Money), Body Image & Sexuality, Core Wound & Trauma Healing, Plant Medicine Integration and Creativity. There are no limits to what you can bring up in a session! Makenzie opens a ceremonial container, providing a safe and strictly confidential space.

To learn a bit more about Makenzie's background, click here.

Scheduling your session:

Upon check out, email with your upcoming availability/a few openings you have. Makenzie schedules her sessions to suit all timezones, preferably between 7am - 7pm HST (Hawaii). Weekends can usually work too. You will receive a zoom link & calendar invite with the email you provide.


"Thank you sooo(ul) much, Makenzie. You are absolutely magical, and you created the most perfect session and awakening for me. Words truly cannot describe. Sending heaps of gratitude." - Dessi, UK


"I recently had a 1:1 session with Makenzie. TALK ABOUT THE BIGGEST BLESSING OF THE UNIVERSE. I feel it in my stomach. M created the best space for me and I already know I can trust her BUT she also held me accountable in my personal experience and the things I have to take on in this journey. I’m learning to put myself first. (Something I am not familiar with). The blessing Makenzie has given me really is too good for words. If you know her, you know her. And holy shit you are blessed to. She has no ego and just offers reflection support. BTW reflection support from M is all you need. She’s already done the work & is still doing it. So humble and I can’t give enough credit to her for the path she has walked, and even having the opportunity to speak with her on a soul level I am so thankful. Everyone needs a reflection, this is your sign to 1 on 1 with M 🤍." - Anna, Connecticut


"Wow, a session with Makenzie can only be described as deeply powerful and transformative. Makenzie’s wisdom cuts straight through the BS into the heart of what wants to be seen, heard and felt. I felt supported and incredibly guided throughout the session, and the effect rippled out beyond just the 1.5 hours together. I knew I needed “something” to support me as I navigate an extremely challenging portal in my life, and working with Makenzie was exactly that. I feel more confident, strong, and aligned in my next steps and direction. Thank you endlessly." - Ashley Love

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