Resources & Recommendations

BonCharge: Blue-light blocking glasses, red lamps & lightbulbs, nighttime eye masks and more. Shop here. Use code GAIA for 15% off worldwide.


Self Trust Academy: Learn how to set up your own common law trust and operate privately under God's Law free from the voluntary tax system. This is a $6500 program ran by one of my mentor's and in order to apply, you must watch my intro video and request the application link directly from Makenzie at


Kim Anami's HIGH QUALITY Jade Egg!! (Includes Instruction Course for healing, strengthening, purifying, increasing pleasure and overall self-love. Click here to purchase (free shipping + includes $200 credit to her extended Vaginal Kung Fu course).


Kim Anami's courses for Women, Men and Couples.


Southwest Credit Card: I ONLY fly Southwest Airlines domestically or to Mexico and Costa Rica! It is the highest vibe airline on the planet. Using the SW Credit Card (Chase bank), I haven't paid for a flight in YEARS. I run my entire life & business through my Southwest credit card -- the point system is abundance and I have scored the 'companion pass' for 6 years in a row :) 


Primally Pure: The ONLY deodorant I use that TRULY works! I get the unscented one because I don't like using things with a lot of essential oils (which can be endocrine disruptors). I also LOVE their baby balm (unscented grass fed tallow for face & body), dry shampoo, plumping serum and dry brushes.